Reporting For Admission

  1. The candidates shall report personally on the date and time indicated in the schedule of the admission, which will be displayed on the Institute Notice Board. The candidate shall report with all original certificates needed to substantiate the claims made in the application regarding eligibility and reservation.
  2. If a candidate is unable to produce original certificates at the time of his or her admission on account of admission already secured to some other institution, he or she shall produce a certificate from the Head of the Institution where he or she has already taken admission indicating that he or she has been admitted to a particular course in that institution on a particular date and hence original certificates have been retained in that institution. The candidate shall produce the attested copies of the certificates, duly attested by the Head of the concerned Institution.
  3. The candidates, who submit a certificate from Head of the Institution as per Rule (b) above, shall be required to pay the fees immediately at the time of admission. The candidate will have to submit the required original certificates within 4 working days after the date of payment of fees.
  4. In case, any candidate can not report for the admission personally at the scheduled date and time because of circumstances beyond his or her control, he or she may authorize some representative, preferably a close relative, to report for admission along with original certificates and necessary fees.
  5. After scrutiny of original documents, if the candidate is offered admission to any course, according to inter se merit and availability of seats, the candidate will have to pay prescribed fees immediately and secure the admission offered to him or her. If a candidate fails to pay the requisite fees in the mode of payment of fee as specified in these rules, the offer of admission made to him or her shall stand cancelled and the seat will be offered to the immediate next eligible candidate in merit.
  6. If any candidate fails to report in person or fails to depute authorized representative for scrutiny of his or her application and subsequent offer of admission according to inter se merit, at the time and date prescribed for him or her, he or she will forfeit claim for admission to any course available at that point of time and the seat will be offered to the next eligible candidate in the merit list.
  7. If a candidate reports for the Admission, later than the time and date given, he or she shall be considered for admission against the seats available in his / her category at the time of reporting if that particular round of admission is still going on.
  8. After the ‘cut-off date’ for admission, no claim for admission shall be entertained on any ground what so ever.
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