Our faculty is Institute’s cardinal strength. The full time faculty members of the Institute are qualified, highly experienced and totally committed to the student community. Students are guided towards achieving excellence not only in studies but also towards shaping their overall outlook and personality.

The Institute puts great emphasis on the faculty development programs and deputes the teaching staff to participate in workshops and seminars.

List of Faculty

Sr. No. Name
1 Mr. A. B. Patil Principal
2 Mr. D. V. Chawak Vice-Principal
3 Mr. V. Z. Rane
4 Mr. N. N. Parekh
5 Mr. I. Sircar
6 Mrs. S. S. Sathe
7 Mr. U. K. Bakhtiani
8 Mr. R. G. Kulkarni
9 Mrs. N. R. Chavan
10 Mrs. B.C. Atre
11 Mrs. V. S. Nadgauda
12 Mr. D. G. Joshi
13 Mrs. N. R. Korde
14 Mrs. A. A. Waghmare
15 Mrs. S. R. Lachhani
16 Mrs. Beena S. K.
17 Mrs. J. P. Mirani
18 Mr. M. S. Kavedia
19 Ms. K. B. Chaudhari
20 Mrs. S. S. Bhavsar
21 Mrs. S. N. Ingoley
22 Mrs. Jalaja Nair
23 Mr. D. K. Pawar
24 Mr. P. A. Joseph

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